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Here are 6 simple steps to a perfect smile 

Perform the best possible diagnosis and prevention for your teeth in 2021 in one visit.

The offer is valid until 1.12.2021!


2D orthopan

Quality dental diagnosis and examination begins with Orthopan. With an orthopan, we will detect emerging caries and all other problems in the dental jaw. At TreeDent, we take care of your health and you will do this procedure with a minimum amount of radiation at the level of one plane flight. 



Descaling is best done once  annually to remove bacterial accumulations and thus reduce the risk of periodontitis and caries formation.


Sandblasting teeth

By sanding our teeth, we will remove any of your pigment created by colored food, coffee or cigarettes. And make your teeth whiter than they were.



To smooth out micro abrasions in which bacteria can collect, polishing is a procedure in which we will smooth out these microcracks. Polishing is done with a polishing paste that additionally protects your teeth.


Dental examination with therapy proposal

With a dental examination, we will have the complete condition of your teeth and suggest therapy for the entire restoration. According to the selected therapy and your wishes, we will make a complete calculation for the rehabilitation of your teeth with additional discounts that await you.


3D Scanning for WAX-UP

If you need prosthetic or implant treatment , in addition to the dental examination, we also perform an intraoral scan of your jaw. Using artificial intelligence software, the system suggests the most ideal among jaw relationships and bite height while the doctor with the help of this tool can suggest the best prosthetic solution for your smile. With WAX-UP * we will make a model of your final teeth in just a few days.  

The offer price is HRK 499.00


* The price of wax-up is not included in the offer and depends on the number of teeth in the model

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