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Oralna kirurgija

Oral surgery

Need to have a tooth extracted?

Problems with leftover roots?

Are your wisdom teeth in a horizontal position?

Procedureendodonticshe did not succeed ?

These are all services and problems that you can solve in TreeDent .

With the advent of dental implantology as a sub-branch in dentistry, oral surgery is becoming inextricably linked to dental implant placement procedures .

In cooperation with a specialist in oral surgery, TreeDent is able to offer you a specialist examination before each implant procedure.

Other oral surgical procedures

  • tooth alveotomy (surgical extraction, wisdom tooth extraction)

  • apicotomy (apicectomy) of a tooth-moving the tip of the root due to inflammation

  • frenulectomy

  • cystectomy

  • corticotomy

All oral surgeries are performed under anesthesia under sterile conditions.

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Today, oral surgery is divided into procedures that are simpler, such as single-root tooth extraction.  or extraction of wisdom teeth and more complicated ones that are a prerequisite for quality implantology,  external or internal sinus lift, bone augmentation , implant removal, periimplant therapy. In order to suggest the best solution for your therapy for each surgical procedure, whether it is implant placement or tooth extraction, diagnostics is performed with 2D orthopan , or 3D CBCT image .  The simpler surgical procedures in the TreeDent practice will be performed by your doctor, Mihaela Salaj-Žužul , while the more complex ones will be performed by the specialist in oral surgery, Dr. Tomislav Krhen .


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