Oralna kirurgija

Oralna kirurgija

Need to have a tooth extracted?

Problems with leftover roots?

Are your wisdom teeth in a horizontal position?

These are all services and problems that you can solve in TreeDent .

With the advent of dental implantology as a sub-branch in dentistry, oral surgery is becoming inextricably linked to dental implant placement procedures .

In cooperation with a specialist in oral surgery, TreeDent is able to offer you a specialist examination before each implant procedure.

Other oral surgical procedures

  • tooth alveotomy (surgical extraction, wisdom tooth extraction)

  • apicotomy (apicectomy) of a tooth-moving the tip of the root due to inflammation

  • frenulectomy

  • cystectomy

  • corticotomy

All oral surgeries are performed under anesthesia under sterile conditions.