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Teeth whitening -Action -30%!

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  • General dental examination

  • Polishing, sandblasting and descaling - FREE!

  • Bleaching with professional whitening paste 

  • 2 or 3 whitening cycles

  • 15 - 20 minutes per cycle

  • continuous monitoring and control of the procedure

  • The total price of the treatment is HRK 1,300.00. 


  • The offer is valid for all ordered patients from 1.8.2021 to 31.8.2021

  • examination and procedure is performed by a dentist

  • depending on the dental examination the doctor will recommend the number of visits for the entire procedure

  • in case of poor oral health, the doctor will postpone the procedure due to the risk of further damage to the teeth and suggest remedial procedures before whitening  

  • Read all the information about the whitening process on our blog.  Have your teeth lost their whiteness? Bleach them to the shade you want!

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