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Tooth scales

covers that will cover any irregularities

How many of you looked at those beautiful, dazzling smiles of Hollywood stars on TV screens or magazine pages and envied them on pearly teeth? It is unlikely that they all have a genetic predisposition for perfect teeth, so you must have thought that a lot of effort and care has been put into achieving them. But the secret of their smile actually lies in something else.

Perfect teeth - an unattainable ideal?


Do you dream of one day delighting everyone present with your perfect teeth? But one of these problems separates you from something like this:

strgani zub.png
razmak medju zubi.png

teeth damaged

damaged or

chipped tooth


too much space

between the teeth

tooth pigmentation

If you find yourself in one or more of these problems, you are a potential candidate for dental plaque.

Dental veneers - the path to a beautiful smile


Dental veneers are actually transparent ceramic veneers that we put on a damaged tooth or teeth to restore their function and aesthetics. Your natural tooth is ground, and we stick ceramic or composite veneers on it that will cover any irregularities or damage.

In other words, this dental solution will cover up the irregular shape, unwanted tooth color or too much space between them. It is the veneers that are the secret to the great smiles of popular actors, singers, models and other celebrities, and are now available to you as well.

ljuskice za zube
ljuskice za zube

Dental center TreeDent Varaždin

quality and reliable


The quality of the veneer largely depends on the expert team of the dentist and the dental laboratory and on the procedure of placing the veneers themselves.


The expertise of our staff is the best guarantee of top quality that you will receive from us. To ensure this, the veneers are made in two steps. In the first step, a wax-up mock up technique is performed to define the appearance, bite and aesthetic details confirmed by the patient, and in the second step we make ceramic veneers and place them on pre-prepared teeth.

Even the quality of the veneer cannot help you if it is not installed by a professional dentist. There are many things and situations that need to be paid attention to in such procedures, and this requires experience and skills. We mastered them in additional trainings exclusively in the field of dental veneers.

When do we not recommend placing dental veneers?


In order for the veneers to successfully stick to the teeth and last for a long time, the tooth needs to be treated with special techniques, which include, among other things, minimal grinding of the teeth. If all the conditions are not met, the veneers can fall out or the natural tooth can be completely destroyed.


you have a large caries (it needs to be cured first)

strgani zub.png

you have large fillings, or a little natural tooth

(dental crowns are a better solution)


there was a change in tooth color due to the procedure

crni zubi.png

you have very dark teeth

(we recommend teeth whitening)


Our goal is to provide you with quality service to keep you satisfied and to make your new teeth last. We offer ceramic and composite veneers that differ in composition and price.

ljuskice za zube

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