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Dental X-ray

the foundation of any successful treatment

Do you have a toothache and need a more detailed diagnosis? Looking forward to having dental implants so you can finally laugh normally? Maybe you need dental braces that will solve everyday eating problems and painful, irregular teeth. Today, there are procedures for almost every dental problem, and in order for them to be successfully implemented, it is important to lay a good foundation at the beginning of therapy.

Dental X-ray - the first step towards healthy and shiny teeth


A dental X-ray is necessary before any serious dental procedure or diagnosis is made. It gives a detailed insight into the structure of the tooth, because half of it (the root) is hidden. It allows us to easily diagnose the disease, its development or treatment plan when it comes to dental braces or implants.

X-rays are:

  • find inflammatory processes and caries

  • assesses the condition and changes in the bones and in the root of the tooth

  • examine the teeth that are formed

During the X-ray, you can see the images on the screen. They can be changed and adjusted, so an experienced dentist will enlarge the desired area, increase the contrast or adjust the desired cross section, all to make the images as high quality as possible and give the information you need.


Waiting lists for dental X-rays


However, you will encounter a major problem: a waiting list. X-rays are the basis for all further analyzes and without it you cannot start therapy. So the toothache or hiding a smile lasts for days. Of course, this causes even more stress to everyone. But it doesn’t have to be that way everywhere.

TreeDent - Quality and safety available now!


You will receive X-rays immediately at the TreeDent dental center in Varaždin. The waiting time is as long as you need to call us and visit! Depending on your needs, we will do one of the three types of shots we offer.

Digital intraoral image

The basic type of image in which one tooth with the corresponding root or two adjacent teeth is visible. The recording itself takes place on a dental chair, which means maximum comfort for the patient. The image is created by placing a sensor behind the desired tooth, and the image is sent to a computer and saved to a CD. It is important because changes that have not yet been noticed can be found on it, such as cysts.

2D digital orthopan

Orthopan gives us an overview of all teeth and bones. We use it to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan and to monitor the disease and the results of therapy. Today, the radiation doses on such images are reduced to a minimum (in the range of mobile phones), and for additional protection you also get a radiological apron to be maximally protected.



When the orthopan is not enough for us, it is necessary to make a 3D image that gives an insight into all tissue structures. CBCT 3D images are the most accurate and detailed in terms of bone, tooth and nerve structure, and we can see details up to a tenth of a millimeter in size. Such images are of great importance when placing implants or complicated surgical procedures.

Most importantly, we use Vatech Pax - i3D Green , the device with the lowest radiation dose in Croatia. While the average CT scan has a radioactivity dose of 10,000 µSv, this device emits only 20 µSv, so it’s no wonder it’s approved even for pediatric use.


Book your appointment!


Do you need a dental x-ray? Is Varaždin nearby?At TreeDent you come first! We have no waiting, nervousness and stress. We approach each patient individually, according to your wishes and needs, in order to provide you with maximum comfort and safety.

Thank you for registering, we will contact you with an appointment as soon as possible.

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