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White spots on the teeth-why do they occur and how to get rid of them?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

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A smile is the most beautiful decoration you can wear, and healthy and beautiful teeth make it even more special. Often, there is little that is missing to perfection, as a result of which the pigmentation of the teeth, that is, the part of the tooth that is changed in color, can become an obstacle. This phenomenon, which makes teeth look infrequent, we call white spots or lesions.

Causes of tooth pigmentation in children

There are several reasons why tooth pigmentation occurs in children, but the most common color change occurs in children and adolescents, when the teeth are not yet fully mature, as a result of inadequate hygiene and poor nutrition. White lesions are located in tooth enamel, and they occur due to unbalanced mineralization, ie demineralization of teeth.

In other words, some parts of the enamel contain a higher concentration of minerals than other parts, leading to uneven tooth staining. White spots on teeth are areas where minerals cannot access deeper parts of the enamel, so they look white, ie the color on these parts differs from the rest of the tooth surface due to the way light is scattered when it "hits" the lesions.

Tooth pigmentation in adults

Apart from poor nutrition and oral hygiene, white spots on the tooth can also occur as a result of dental trauma or orthodontic treatment, with aesthetics not being the only reason to remove them. Research shows that white spots, which occur as a result of wearing braces, are one of the biggest challenges at the end of orthodontic treatment, because such enamel demineralization is the first stage of caries.

Let us add that data can also be found in the literature showing that white spots on teeth occur in 46 to 73 percent of patients who have worn fixed braces, with aesthetic changes occurring several years after its removal.

Solution for white spots on teeth - Icon

Extensive, highly invasive treatments used to be used to remove white spots on teeth, which included "cracking" - drilling teeth and resin or porcelain restoration. TreeDent Dental Center offers you an innovative solution - Icon! Icon is a quick, painless, and minimally invasive procedure for removing white stains on teeth, in which the color change is corrected by infiltrating the enamel and filling the lesions with tooth-colored resin.

The procedure is as follows: dentist Salaj Žužul applies a mild corrosive preparation to the surface of white spots in several strokes to reveal porous parts, ie to remove the outer, demineralized layer of enamel that previously blocked the entry of calcium and other minerals into the tooth.

He then applies liquid resin to these parts in a few strokes, which is absorbed into the tooth and connected to the tooth structure, and the excess resin is removed with cotton material, micro-brushes and floss. The resin will then solidify under special light. Finally, polishing will follow and your teeth will fit perfectly into a new, flawless smile! The whole procedure takes 45 to 60 minutes.

What are the benefits of Icon treatment?

In order to better explain why Icon is so desirable in the world of dentistry, it is worth noting its advantages. For starters, the process is quick and painless; it does not create trauma and does not involve needles that many hate, especially children. No "shooting" or drilling is required and just one visit to the dentist is enough!

Because it is gentle and minimally invasive, Icon is a suitable treatment for removing white stains on teeth in children. In addition, alternative solutions such as porcelain veneers cannot be used in children because their teeth are not fully developed.

This is also an advantage for people with tooth pigmentation that has occurred due to wearing braces and other factors. For example, in some people, after removing braces, stains appear on more teeth, and then conservative methods that include anesthesia, tooth drilling and the like are not the happiest solution. On the other hand, Icon saves healthy tooth structure to the maximum.

An affordable and long-lasting dental solution

It is also important to say that Icon is more favorable than alternative treatments, and the results are long-lasting.

And lastly, the Icon is great if you need or want to whiten your teeth. Namely, whitening procedures often make white spots even more visible due to different pigmentation, but Icon treatment provides beautiful results with a uniform pigment and the maximum use of the teeth whitening process.

For more information, be sure to contact us in Varaždin in Ana Street and make an appointment to answer your questions related to this, but also many other dental problems. Director and leading dentist of the clinic Dr. dent. honey. Mihaela Salaj Žužul will be happy to give you advice and fulfill your wishes.

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