These are our dental treatment secrets

Modern dental treatment according to the most modern practices in TreeDent has been additionally raised to a higher level, so that in the last year since we have been on the market, dental treatment has been reduced to 95% effect. 

​This means that in 95% of cases in therapy  did not extract the tooth , And that the patient did not have to think about expensive implants.  Of course, this does not mean that we will treat every tooth, because in some cases, some teeth are unfortunately irreversibly destroyed. 

Why treat teeth in TreeDentu?

Dental treatment is certainly a prerequisite for any more complex procedure of prosthetics or implantology, where care is taken to rehabilitate the teeth in the long run before each work in order to provide patients with quality and a guarantee for certain works.


Tradicionalno liječenje

What does Furniture takeback/removal mean?

Furniture takeback/removal means all kind of furniture or other articles at your home or office or restaurant or factory can be taken back by us to for recycling or refurbishing depending on condition of the article or product. We can takeback pretty much everything other then hazardous substance.

We guarantee a smooth and friendly customer service and a task well done, each time. Our eco-friendly disposal guarantees that your stuff gets recycled/refurbished or donated as per requirement. We are India’s fastest growing recyclers. So be rest assured you are in experienced hands.

Incase you are thinking of upgrading your furniture due to change of place or just like that you are at the right place where you can easily remove old articles.

Will my furniture be recycled?

Your furniture can be definitely recycled. However, keep in mind that many low grade furniture have hazardous glue used to keep the product together. Special consideration is required to recycle or reuse such furniture.

Why should I consider recycling my furniture?

Reuse or recycling helps preserve resources of our planets that are yet not used. Hence, it helps you take action at your end to preserve the environment and bring the resources that have already been taken out from the environment to be put back in the economy. Hence, preventing more resources to be drawn.

With time old articles either wither out, are not of use any more or are just out of fashion as per you. The best option to save the planet from these going to landfill is book a takeback service from us for a guaranteed planet friendly disposal/reuse.

If your articles have any hazardous material they will undergo a scientific manner of treatment.

With a professional team working on your old stuff you can be rest assured that you are not creating any harm to the planet.

How is the pricing done?

Pricing is both fair and easy. We charge you just the transportation cost and few service charges.

When we are on the site we inspect your article and give you a reasonable estimation (excluding the transport cost) If you feel that the pricing is just you give us your old stuff.

For online pricing estimate click the pricing estimation button to get an idea what you can get. However, the actual onground estimation depends on condition of your article, age, model etc.

How is the price estimated?

Price depends on various things like the size, volume, weight etc of the article you want to dispose.

How long will it take to get the service.

The service will take place on the date and time you have booked. Our team will call you on the day you have booked the service for confirmation. Please let them know incase there are any changes that you want to convey. This will help them not just saving time however, also to plan out size of the vehicle for collection and accurate service.

How should you prepare for the pick up?

If you are a household collect the stuff you want to dispose and keep it ready at the door step so that our team can pick it from there. In case you are a business and have more number of articles to be picked up please mention this in the booking we will arrange more manpower to take care of your requirement.

When should I book an appointment?

When you think that you are tiered of your old stuff or donot have any more space to keep it or your

What type of articles can I dispose.

Have a look at our article listing.

What happens to the articles that you pick up

The articles are recycled (that is components are separated and used) or refurbished or upcycled.

Do you have office furniture takeback service

Yes we have.

How can I pay to for the service?

Once you make the booking, someone from the team will reach out to collect further details and share the payment link after item evaluation

How can I be sure that the articles that are picked from my home are recycled/refurbished in the most sustainable manner.

How can I be sure that the articles that are picked from my home are recycled/refurbished in the most sustainable manner.

How does the takeback work?

Simply fill up the link to book pick up, enter your location and phone number. Your pick up will be scheduled by our team. You will receive a call before the pick up starts for confirmation.

What can I recycle?

Everything at your home that is dry waste. Please refer our list to understand more. If you are interested in knowing more about recycling visit our site.

Is there a provision to get any monetary benefit if I utilise your takeback service?

Depending on what you are recycling, total weight and volume, we have different offers for you as an incentive for your decision to recycle it in a sustainable manner. Please refer our offer page. Ecosmartly shall reserve the right to issue or reject the coupon based on the current situation.

How long will it take to collect my product/article?

Our team will get in touch with you on the day of pickup as per your choice of date and slot. The pick up will happen on the day you have booked the pickup for.

I am not happy with the service how can I communicate to you.

Email us at connect@ecosmartly.in

Will the person that comes for pick up help me with getting my product/article from my bedroom or any other place?

No for safety reasons our team is not allowed to enter your homer. Please keep the articles for pick up ready at your door as per the date and timeslot booked by you for our team to pick up.

Incase your query was not answered in the above questions please connect us at connect@ecosmartly.in

How do I book additional products in the same pick up cost?

Please book the additional articles/products you want to get picked through the website. Our team will be able to pick up only those articles that have been booked by you in the system.

Will I get paid for the articles/products as mentioned on your website?

The rates mentioned on the website are indicative. Our team will do a physical inspection of the articles/product at the address of pick up and decide the final cost.

How will I get the payment?

Your payment will be received in your phone pay, google pay or paytm within 24 hours of the article/product being picked.

How can I make maximum amount from the takeback service.

Collect all the articles your want to get picked at a place. May be ask your neighbours or friends incase they have anything to give back. And then book the pickup. By doing this you will not only save cost of transportation however, will you do good to the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

What happens incase my home wall is damaged by your team while shifting the product.

For safety reasons our team will not be entering your home. Please keep the article/product for pick up ready at the doorstep at the book timeslot.

How do I track my pick up order.

On the day of pick up our team will call you. Incase of any further queries

How do I update by pick up address.

Connect to us on our customer care. You also have an option to update the address when our team calls you on the day of pick up.

Moderno liječenje u TreeDentu

1) RTG ili Ortopan dijagnostika

Ortopanom i RTG-om se točno određuje područje zahvaćeno upalom i definira terapija liječenja te i sami koraci. Prednosti: TreeDent raspolaže GreeCT - 2D Ortopan uređajem sa najnižim dozama zračenja na području cijele Sjeverne Hrvatske te je dijagnostika takvim uređajem sigurna za sve životne dobi. Više informacija pročitajte na 2d Ortopan pregled

2) Test vitaliteta

Ako je potrebno dodatno se testom vitaliteta utvrđuje vitalnost zuba na toplo i hladno te da li je moguće dati anesteziju

3) Određivanje broja kanala i pristupnih točaka

Kako bi se odredila pozicija otvaranja zuba, prema pristupnim izračunima i RTG snimci određuju se točke brušenja za otvaranje kanala. Ulaz u zub na taj način se pozicionira točno iznad korijenskih kanala i stomatologu je jednostavno pristupiti svim kanalima. Prednosti: Ovaj postupak navodi stomatologa da kasniji koraci budu precizniji i pouzdaniji

4) Postavljanje koferdama

Koferdam je plastična plahtica, koja se stavlja oko zuba tako da se kod postupka čišćenja i punjenja zuba osiguraju maksimalno sterilni uvijeti za sam zub. Ukoliko dođe do bilo kakvog onečišćenja korijenskog kanala slinom ili krvlju, doći će do naknadne upale i infekcije zuba te će liječenje biti neuspješno. Prednosti: Osigurava visoku razinu higijene i sterilnost postupka

5) Otvaranje zuba

Lokalna anestezija kod ovakvog postupka u TreeDent stomatološkoj ordinaciji se podrazumijeva. Doktor će ovisno o regiji primijeniti različitu vrstu anestezije. Otvaranje zuba se radi prema unaprijed određenim točkama uspostavljenima u točki 3. Prednosti: Zubni kanal se otvara točno u pravilnoj projekciji vrha korijena i time se povećava kvaliteta kasnijeg ulaska iglice dok se tradicionalnim načinom taj dio radi na pamet i bez RTG slike.

6) Strojno čišćenje korijenskih kanala

U TreeDent-u čišćenje zubnih kanala je brže, pouzdanije i preciznije korištenjem Reciproc Gold aparata strojne endodoncije. U aparat strojne endodoncije ugrađen je endometar koji mjeri dužinu korijenskog kanala, tako da stomatolog ne može probiti korijenski apex i tako nepovratno oštetiti zub. Prednosti: Strojna endodoncija daje stomatologu alat da brže pouzdanije i preciznije očisti korijenski kanal do pune njegove dužine bez rizika za probijanje korijena zuba.

7) Punjenje korijenskih kanala

Nakon što su svi kanali očišćeni i osigurani sterilni uvijeti može se započeti sa punjenjem korijenskih kanala. Nakon što se zub zapuni na kraju se stavlja kompozitni ispun – plomba koja će pokriti ulaz u zub odn.

8) Kontrolna RTG slika

Nakon punjenja kanala napravi se kontrolna RTG snimka kako bi se provjerili da li su svi kanali očišćeni i do pune dužine kanala. Prednosti ovim korakom osiguravamo da su prethodni koraci odarađeni besprijekorno i da se može započeti sa punjenjem korijenksih kanala.

Modern diagnostics is a prerequisite for quality treatment. In addition to standard approaches to hot / cold testing, we provide our patients with accurate diagnostics with the highest quality X-ray and RVG devices on the market to determine the cause of pain and the exact tooth on which the process occurs.

With the endodontics procedure and digital apex locator of the end of the root canals, we can precisely treat your teeth, and the probability of saving your teeth from extraction is very high.


Thank you for registering, we will contact you with an appointment as soon as possible.