These are our dental treatment secrets

Modern dental treatment according to the most modern practices in TreeDent has been additionally raised to a higher level, so that in the last year since we have been on the market, dental treatment has been reduced to 95% effect. 

​This means that in 95% of cases in therapy  did not extract the tooth , And that the patient did not have to think about expensive implants.  Of course, this does not mean that we will treat every tooth, because in some cases, some teeth are unfortunately irreversibly destroyed. 

Why treat teeth in TreeDentu?

Dental treatment is certainly a prerequisite for any more complex procedure of prosthetics or implantology, where care is taken to rehabilitate the teeth in the long run before each work in order to provide patients with quality and a guarantee for certain works.


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Modern diagnostics is a prerequisite for quality treatment. In addition to standard approaches to hot / cold testing, we provide our patients with accurate diagnostics with the highest quality X-ray and RVG devices on the market to determine the cause of pain and the exact tooth on which the process occurs.

With the endodontics procedure and digital apex locator of the end of the root canals, we can precisely treat your teeth, and the probability of saving your teeth from extraction is very high.


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