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These are our dental treatment secrets

Modern dental treatment according to the most modern practices in TreeDent has been additionally raised to a higher level, so that in the last year since we have been on the market, dental treatment has been reduced to 95% effect. 

​This means that in 95% of cases in therapy  did not extract the tooth , And that the patient did not have to think about expensive implants.  Of course, this does not mean that we will treat every tooth, because in some cases, some teeth are unfortunately irreversibly destroyed. 

Why treat teeth in TreeDentu?

Dental treatment is certainly a prerequisite for any more complex procedure of prosthetics or implantology, where care is taken to rehabilitate the teeth in the long run before each work in order to provide patients with quality and a guarantee for certain works.

pokvareni zub

Endodontics procedure at TreeDent

X-ray or Orthopan

  • Orthopan and X-ray are used to accurately determine the area affected by inflammation and define the treatment therapy and the steps themselves.

Often our patients do not have pain in the problem region. This does not mean that the tooth is not under an inflammatory process and that there is a risk of later activation of the inflamed region.

Svaki postupak u TreeDentu započinje dijagnostikom, tako i        _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_successful treatment is preceded by Orthopan or X-ray diagnostics  

  • Advantages: TreeDent has the GreeCT - 2D Ortopan device, which has been declared the device with the lowest radiation doses in the entire area of Northern Croatia.


Diagnostics with such a device is safe for all ages. Read more informationhere


Vitality test

  • If necessary, a vitality test is also used to determine the vitality of the teeth to warm and cold stimuli. In this way, the dentist knows whether the area of inflammation can be anesthetized.

If it is inflammation of the dental pulp or pulpitis, the dentist will treat the tooth differently in that case. The goal of such an approach is faster and complete diagnosis  of the inflamed area.

  • Advantages: With this procedure, we are sure that we will not treat the tooth incorrectly. The goal is to take actions in a timely manner to make the treatment as short as possible for the patient. 

Determination of the number of channels and access points

  • Before the procedure, the doctor determines the positions of the opening of the teeth. According to the access calculations and the X-ray image, the grinding points for opening the channel are determined.

In this way, the entrance to the tooth is positioned exactly above the root canals and it is easy for the dentist to access all canals. 

  • Advantages: This procedure guides the dentist to make the subsequent steps more precise and reliable

Installation of cofferdams

  • A rubber dam is a small plastic sheet, which is placed around the tooth before the procedure begins. The rubber dam serves us to make the endodontic procedure itself as sterile as possible.

With this protection, the dentist prevents contamination of the root canal with saliva or blood. If this is not done, we risk subsequent inflammation and infection of the tooth and unsuccessful treatment.

  • Advantages: Ensures a high level of hygiene and sterility of the procedure. We recommend everyone to insist on this protection during endodontic procedures in dental offices


Opening teeth

  • Local anesthesia for this kind of procedure in the TreeDent dental office is self-explanatory.

Depending on the dental region, the doctor will apply a different type of anesthesia. The teeth are opened according to the predetermined drilling points established in the previous step. 

  • Advantages: The dental canal is opened exactly in the correct projection of the tip of the root so that the dental pulp is in a vertical plane to the drilling direction.

This increases the quality of the later insertion of the needle, while in the traditional way that part is done by heart and without an X-ray image.

Machine endodontics

  • At TreeDent, dental canal cleaning is faster, more reliable and more precise using the Reciproc Gold endodontic device. An endometer that measures the length of the root canal is built into the machine endodontic device. In this way   the dentist gets an insight into the length of the root canal so that it does not break through and thus irreversibly damage the tooth. 

  • Advantages: Mechanical endodontics gives the dentist the opportunity to clean the root canal faster, more reliably and more precisely. It also gives him the ability to fill it to its full length without the risk of breaking through the root of the tooth.

Root canal filling

  • After all the canals have been cleaned and sterile conditions have been ensured, the filling of the root canals can begin. After the tooth is filled, a composite filling or crown is placed at the end. With a filling or crown, the dentist will cover the entrance to the tooth and return it to function.


Control X-ray image

  • After filling the canal, a control X-ray is taken to check whether all the canals are cleaned and filled to the full length of the canal. 

  • Advantages:with this step, we ensure that the previous steps have been done flawlessly and that the finishing touches can be started. 


Save up to HRK 7,000 per tooth!

Inflammatory processes above the root canal are often irreversible. At the moment, if the inflammation spreads and is not repaired in time, it is inevitable that the tooth must be extracted. 

If the inflammatory process has destroyed the bone above the tooth, the area at the site of the extracted tooth needs to be additionally augmented with artificial bone. With augmentation after extraction, we prevent further bone decay and create a base for implant placement.


For the treatment of teeth with 4 root canals in high-quality dental offices, you will spend between HRK 2,000 and 3,000.

Restoration of such a tooth implies restoration to a state without an inflammatory process with built-in reinforcement and filling or crown.

If the tooth ends up being extracted and you decide to install an implant, the price of a complete new tooth with a better quality implant will cost up to HRK 9,000. 

In the meantime, continue to take care of your dental health independently. Perform regular dental examinations, clean tartar andyou do not delay the healing of inflammatory processes.

If your tooth starts to hurt, pay attention to the type of pain that occurs in your tooth and try to answer the following questions:

  • Is it residual food that causes bleeding and inflammation of the gums?

  • Is it a sharp pain when you bite into food or eat sweet food?

  • Is it a reaction to heat or cold?

  • Is it a throbbing unbearable pain?

Modern diagnostics is a prerequisite for quality treatment. In addition to standard approaches to hot / cold testing, we provide our patients with accurate diagnostics with the highest quality X-ray and RVG devices on the market to determine the cause of pain and the exact tooth on which the process occurs.

With the endodontics procedure and digital apex locator of the end of the root canals, we can precisely treat your teeth, and the probability of saving your teeth from extraction is very high.


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